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The Mariners Sent Jarred Kelenic To Triple-A Right Before Their Series With The Mets Begins Tonight

I imagine getting a struggling 22-year-old player to turn things around on the fly in the Big Leagues is tough enough, let alone when he has a bunch of ravenous New York mamalukes screaming at him along with Max Scherzer, Chris Bassitt, and Cookie Carrasco taking the bump over the next three days. So I understand why the Mariners GM made this move while also saying this to him via the internet as a knucklehead New Yorker:

Giphy Images.

I'm also not going to dance because Kelenic was sentenced to bus rides with PB&Js because it's not his fault he was in the most controversial Mets trade since Scott Kazmir was dealt. Besides, Pete Alonso was in Single A ball at the age of 22, which means there is plenty of time for Kelenic to turn it around. Which if he does, I know Uncle Stevie will pay whatever is necessary to bring him home in the future. So I'm not burning any bridges with Kelenic since he may become our beautiful baby boy again when sharing an outfield with Juan Soto down the road, even if reports come out that he didn't want to hear this song in the 9th tonight with the Mariners down 1 and him set to bat third.

Damn it feels good to be a cocky baseball fan again.

I'm not even going to go close to debating if the Mets won this trade because Edwin Diaz is now thriving, Jarred Kelenic is starting to look like a Quadruple-A player, and Robinson Cano is no longer on the team seems weird just because Kelenic is so damn young and Cano's deal could still end up costing Uncle Stevie luxury tax money he doesn't feel like spending. 

However that trade sure as shit doesn't look as bad as it did a few years ago now that Kelenic has been sent down twice in his career and Rob Manfred isn't giving teams balls more juiced than the 99 Home Run Derby with seams that made Diaz's slider flat. Brodie still should've slapped the Mariners in the face for allowing Kelenic's name to come out of their lips because his value was more than an electric closer and a broken down overpaid bat. But just like pretty much everything else these days, things are coming up Mets right now and I fucking LOVE it (sorry about the demotion though Mariners fans. I know the optics of this all too well as a fan of your East coast sister team). 

Due to all this, I am officially upgrading the juju on this bet to Very Good.

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