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The Celtics Just Had An All Time Choke Job To Lose Game 5 In Horrific Fashion And I Want To Die

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That's all I can say. There will be no yelling. I am legit speechless. The series was over. All you had to do was grab a fucking rebound and this shit is over. What happens? The Celtics collapsed at the worst possible time in the worst possible fashion. I am legit shaking as I type this I cannot really comprehend what just happened. That was an ALL TIME choke job with the season on the fucking line. Up 14 in the fourth quarter. Up 6 late. Up 2 in the final seconds. That is a game you HAVE to win. Instead, brutal live ball turnovers and a lack of rebound were again the kiss of death. It's so fucking simple. Take care of the ball and rebound and you will beat this Bucks team. Do the opposite and this is how devastation happens. Brutal turnovers by Marcus Smart when you absolutely cannot turn the ball over. The lack of rebounding on the defensive end including on a FUCKING MISSED FT is what losing basketball looks like and guess what happened. The Celts choked away the game and potentially their season. The Bucks finished this game on an 11-2 run on the road. That simply cannot happen.

Tatum isolation late that didn't work. Grant complaining about calls and not getting back only to give up dagger threes. All you had to do was not lose the 4th quarter by 9 points and the Celts lost it 33-21. I'm fucking sick. The reality of what just happened hasn't really hit me yet. It was right there. RIGHT THERE. For a team that had been so good at closing games this quarter this shit has me gutted. Sure a series isn't over until you lose 4, but this was the shot. Now having to go back on the road just to force a Game 7 is the disaster scenario we were all hoping to avoid. I know I've said it a lot in this blog but my brain is mush, I just cannot believe it. I cannot believe that's how it ended.

We'll regroup in the morning. I need a fucking minute.