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A True Dan Campbell Guy: Lions RB Jamaal Williams 'Doesn't Give A Fuck' About Being On Hard Knocks, Cares About Super Bowls

(2:50 mark) 

This right here is why the Lions go out and get Jamaal Williams before last year. This is exactly what Dan Campbell would say, maybe something about looking excited to seeing kneecaps and shit, but you get the point. That said, Hard Knocks needs something. It's been not great lately. I enjoyed the Browns season but that was basically because we got Bob Wylie out of it: 

Now that said, the Lions were a GREAT choice. You have Dan Campbell who could say anything. You have the Jared Goff situation and figuring out whether or not he's the guy this season. You have a team trying to be successful and a fanbase that's desperate for it.

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 Clearly Jamaal Williams is a character just in that press conference. Aidan Hutchinson is another storyline and that's before all the unknown parts. So I hope we get a bounce back season. 

Now the Super Bowl part? Yeah of course that's what Jamaal Williams cares about. I won't make fun of him for saying that. What else is a player supposed to say? Everyone in May is talking about how they can compete for a Super Bowl, especially a year after the Bengals made it there. 

No World Cup in the summer and the Orioles being the Orioles is going to make this one even longer. Need to get to football season once the NBA Draft ends. Give me little teasers like this just so I remember that Hard Knocks starts.