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The Islanders Just Fired Barry Trotz


This is god damn stunning news this morning. Probably the craziest thing we'll see all day if I had to guess. Barry Trotz out of nowhere just given the axe by the Islanders. 115 year old Lou Lamoriello giving Trotz, one of the best coaches in the league who was doing pretty solid work for the Isles, the ol' heave ho. Stunning. Sure, the Isles didn't make the playoffs this year, but it is due in part to 1) starting the season on a 13 game road trip because their arena wasn't done yet, and 2) COVID fucked them up huge. At one point Frankie Borelli was playing 3rd line center with the beer man from section 104 on the left wing.

Speaking of Frankie, I'm sure he is handling this well.




I mean I wanted to write a fair blog (nah, I didn't!) but this is just too funny. The Isles finally got a great coach, they were one of the best teams in the league since March, and now they are throwing it all away because Lou Lamoriello. Doesn't get funnier than that if you're a hockey fan. Sorry Frankie! Back to the basement!