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Phillies Historically Shit The Bed Vs. The Mets And Are The Absolute WORST

Disgusting. Absolutely fucking disgusting. And the worst part is we just have to sit here and take it. Frank The Tank evil laughing from the bellows of his gullet is something nobody should have to endure. Yet here we are. And we may unfortunately may be here to stay. 

The Phillies have actually become the New York Mets and the Mets have become the New York Yankees. We hit the Luxury Tax and can't do dick white the NYM get their crooked Steinbrenner and go to town. I don't know how else to rationalize it. And it's not even the fact the Phillies are 11-15 (still WAY too early to Cuncel), it's how they're 11-15. Sweep the Rockies only to get NO HIT by the Mets (and 2 of 3). Lose a two game set at home to the mighty Texas Rangers while only scoring 1 run in the second set. And now...THIS. Blowing a 7-1 lead in the 9th inning after Nola finally gifts you a gem. Un. Fucking. Acceptable. And Joe Girardi better figure it out NOW because if he doesn't at least split this series against the Mets the pitchforks and torches may be at the gates of McFadden's Pass And Stow. 

Good thing Uncle Charlie was too busy with more important things tonight than have to look at what they did to his boys. 

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