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In the Biggest Finesse of All-Time, Carl Edwards Jr. Got a World Series Ring for His One-Third of an Inning With the Braves Last Season

This is how you do it, folks. Carl Edwards Jr., now playing at Triple-A Rochester in the Nationals' organization, received a World Series ring for his contributions to the Braves in 2021. And that's cool, everyone who played on the big league club throughout the season gets one.

What were Edwards's contributions last season, though?

That's it. Three earned runs and one out in a 12-2 loss in May.

Look, you take any World Series ring anyone is willing — or obligated — to give you, but Edwards explaining that one in a few years might be a bit weirder than talking about his 2016 ring he earned with the Cubs. He came into one game, got shelled, was DFA'd the next day and ended up with the coolest World Series ring ever made out of the whole deal.

That's a finesse king.