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Draymond Is The Best Heel In The NBA - Gives Memphis Fans The Double Bird, Doesn't Care About Getting Fined Because He Makes $25 Million

Nobody and I mean nobody has fully embraced being a villain quite like Draymond. He's perfected it. It's a good thing too. Every great team needs someone like Draymond. Not even just for what he does defensively and his versatility and all that stuff but because every great team has an elite asshole. He's that for the Warriors. Steph is too nice. Klay is too beloved. Andrew Wiggins is there but nobody hates Andrew Wiggins. It can't be someone like Kevon Looney or Otto Porter. Jordan Poole is too new. It has to be Draymond. 

Mind you this happened after Draymond took a shot and had to leave for injury. He eventually returned after the first quarter. 

This is the only clip I could find on Twitter and I love the dude just throwing out that Draymond was acting. Say what you want about him but he clearly caught it right to the nose. Good way to break a nose. Not only did Draymond get hurt, this was moments after Dillon Brooks got ejected. 

Oh and as I blog this Steve Kerr started his interview between quarters saying 'it wasn't physical play, it was dirty.' Give me this series with a little bad blood and the young Grizzlies vs this version of the Warriors. It'll be entertaining as shit. 

But this is about Draymond being the heel. No one has done it better in the NBA. No one has embraced it more. Listen to his postgame press conference here: 

That's a perfect response. I don't blame a dude for getting pissed at fans for cheering when he's hurt. That's not even a heel thing, that's just a normal person response when you get a little banged up. Even better is the I make $25 million comment. Bunch of poors might care about getting fined but not Draymond. Again, I fucking love it. Embrace everything about being hated. 

Also there's something relieving about going double birds at someone. It's like taking a deep breath but feels better in the moment. Sometimes you just need to let them fly.