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Getting a 1 Direction Tattoo To Try And Win Free Concert Tickets For Your Daughter Is The Dumbest Thing Ever

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NME – A father of a One Direction fan recently got a tattoo dedicated to the band in a failed attempt to win his daughter a VIP concert tickets. Roger Fraser, 37 from Tennessee, tried to enter a competition by local Indiana radio station 99.5 WZPL, who were calling for dads to dress up like members of the boy band. In an attempt to win the contest, Fraser wanted to stand out from the crowd and opted to be permanently inked with the message “I <3 1D”. However, Fraser was unable to actually enter the contest as he’s not a permanent resident of the state, as required in the fine print of the competition. Fraser and his daughter Makalya, 14, did eventually attend the gig but not with VIP access. “I got involved with something that they love,” Fraser told ABC News. “And it’s brought us together even closer than we ever were.” “We didn’t get to meet One Direction. We didn’t go on stage or get front row. But the reward has been all the memories that we’ve made.”
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I hate when old people try to drop the “you’ll understand when you have kids” mumbo jumbo on me. No, shut the fuck up. I know how my mind works, I know how to decide what is right and what is stupid, and I know as a fact getting a 1D tattoo to try to win a radio station contest is the dumbest thing in the world. You really need to buy your child’s love that badly that you’ll get “I <3 ID” tattooed on your arm? Get the fuck out of here. So what your 14 year old throws a bitch fit because you’re too poor to buy front row tickets, this is the real world. Tell her to go get a job and buy her own tickets so she can scream like a fucking hyena for 2 hours on her own dime. You don’t need to bring needles and ink into this. Imagine when you were a kid if you asked your father to get a fucking tattoo of some stupid ass band you liked at 14. Woulda been tossed out a 3rd floor window, you’d walk back in and be like what the fuck did you do that for, and you’d be tossed out again. There’s a lot I’d do for people that I care about, but getting a tattoo confessing my love for some 2nd rate cross dressing boy band from Europe is not one of them.

PS: And read the fine print, dummy. Disqualified from the get-go. Way to be on top of things. Can’t wait til your wife leaves you and your daughter still resents you even though you got that stupid ass tattoo to try and win her love. Way to think this one through.