Does This Look Like The Face Of A Guy Who Is Happy His Team Traded Away The Most Talented Receiver His Franchise Has Ever Had?

Hoo boy. Not great body language from Titans' coach Mike Vrabel here after it was announced that the Titans had traded away AJ Brown. And I'll tell you what, I don't blame him. He's the best receiver that the Titans have ever had, it's not even close. Derrick Mason was really good, Corey Davis was fine, Kevin Dyson was my guy, but after that it's really nothing special. AJ was by far the best receiver to wear the two-tone blue. Not great body language from Vrabes at all. So I get why Vrabel is visibly upset, he's pissed that he just lost another weapon. I'd be especially pissed after these quotes from a few weeks ago surfaced again....

I mean that tells you all you need to know, this wasn't Vrabel's call at all and I don't care what front he puts up, he didn't like the move. Why would you? Sure they drafted an AJ Brown clone at 18, but he's still a question mark. We knew what Brown was. A damn good receiver who had some injury issues, but when he had the ball in his hands, there aren't many people better. Vrabel is flat out pissed and I don't blame him. We thought this club had a dream offense last year, Tannehill, Derrick Henry, Julio Jones, AJ Brown. That group barely played together due to injuries and didn't win a playoff game. Are the Titans a better team right now than they were last year? No way, not even close. Actually they're much worse. This move still befuddles me, but I get why it happened. They weren't going to sign AJ to a deal he wanted, in the $20 million per year range, they offered him $16 million with a chance to get to $20 million with incentives. 

They weren't going to go there so they moved on from him. Business move. It's fine because again, it's a business. But drafting AJ, watching him develop into a pure weapon in this league and then trading him for a very underwhelming haul is a kick in the dick. Just look at Vrabes, that is a guy who got kicked in the dick. He's pissed, fans are pissed, no one seems thrilled about this move. Feel bad for Burks who went at 18 because he got NO shine on his big day.

I mean look at these guys, neither of them are having fun. This isn't a fun thing, but it looks like they knew they had to do it. But it sucks, it really sucks. I trust them to do the right thing, they've built some good teams in the past, but man do they look down and defeated. Like they just saw someone hit their dog and run off. Hope Traylon Burks works out, because this could come back to bite them in the ass big time.

PS. Will finding out live on the En Eff Ell Show that they traded Brown to the Eagles was great.