The Cincinnati Reds Are Absolutely Awful And Their Fans Deserve Better

I know what tanking looks like. The Cincinnati Reds are tanking. I know MLB is pretending to act like tanking doesn't exist anymore because we have a six-team draft lottery, but that's a bunch of nonsense. The Cincinnati Reds want to be bad this season. They've traded away a heavy majority of their talent from the last several seasons, and they have a rotation full of pitchers that I used to work with at the gas station. They are entirely content with losing. I saw the same nonsense with my Tigers from 2017 to 2020, and while the Tigers aren't a good team right now (trust me, I know), they have at least attempted to win. They have players who belong in the major leagues. Whether or not they turn it around is to be determined, but at least the days of trying to lose on purpose are over. But the Tigers at least decided to rebuild and tank following an era in which they were relatively successful. Sadly, they never won a World Series, but they had division champions, MVPs, and Cy Young winners. The Cincinnati Reds have not won a playoff game since 2012, so going through a tank rebuild is a tough sell. I genuinely feel bad for the fans of Cincinnati. It's the worst thing that any fan can ever go through. Life is too short to wonder how good your baseball team might be in four years, but sadly, that's where the Cincinnati Reds are. It is depressing that future Hall of Famer Joey Votto will probably go through his retirement tour playing for a team that will lose 100 games each of the next few seasons. Hunter Greene has one of the most inhumane arms I've seen in a long time, but they would probably trade him for prospects if the Reds had any dignity. Jonathan India should be in the same boat. 

There's no thesis here. The title fits the substance of this blog. This team is miserable. I think tanking is one of the worst things in baseball. Go ahead and intentionally suck for three years in the hopes that you might win a World Series in five to seven. And people wonder why baseball is dying. This is pathetic.