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English Soccer Club Let's Other Team Just Walk In The Tying Goal After Accidentally Scoring To Take The Lead. Wait, What?



I’m sure plenty of you watched English soccer clubs Doncaster and Bury play in a little League One action over the weekend so blogging about it now may seem a little redudant. But if on the off chance that you didn’t get a chance to see the game live, here’s what happened. The two teams were tied 0-0 in the 90th minute and after an injury briefly stopped play, Doncaster in-bounded the ball back to the Bury goalkeeper. And then that’s when this happened.


That’s some SportsCenter Top 10 type of shit right there. Late game heroics for the win. But apparently there’s some bullshit unwritten rule in soccer that our dude broke here so in the weakest move in professional sports history, this is what happened next.

Those sons of bitches just let the other team score to tie up the game because they scored “accidentally”? What kind of bullshit is that. I’m beside myself right now. How does this happen in real life? You just threw away a win because why? Because the other goalie sucks ass at his job and can’t even handle a little boot from midfield? We’ve got people calling this an “amazing showing of sportsmanship” and that’s just downright disrespectful to sports in general. You’re supposed to play to win at all times. It doesn’t matter how you win and it doesn’t matter why you win. All that matters is that you get that W. So to just throw a precious W away like that because you really shouldn’t have scored that game winning goal is a travesty and it’s infuriating. Almost as infuriating as this little bastard.


Sportsmanship my ass.