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Dan Dickerson’s Call Of Miguel Cabrera’s 3,000th Hit Is As Perfect As You’d Expect

Dan Dickerson is as good as they get. We’re talking about a man who was given the nearly impossible task of replacing the legendary Ernie Harwell, and he has somehow found a way to be a legend in his own right. He should be allowed to call baseball games in Detroit forever. I hope he never retires. Tiger fans are so lucky to have him.

Dickerson has a way of capturing the emotion of great moments while also maintaining the professionalism that a great announcer is required to have. I doubt he’ll admit it, but these moments have to be so sweet for him. It’s not easy being a baseball announcer, and it’s even worse when you cover an awful team. Dan Dickerson has called every pitch for some BRUTAL baseball teams. Seeing him be so excited calling what is truly a once-in-a-lifetime moment for an announcer is so heartwarming. It’s such a perfect call too. It’s not too flashy; it’s not self-indulgent. There’s nothing fluky about it. It’s just perfect. 

I’m not a huge fan of having cameras in the booths all the time, but it’s a great novelty every so often, especially for these historic moments. Seeing Dan Dickerson raise his arms in excitement as he calmly nails one of the most significant moments of his career is about as wholesome as it gets. One of the many reasons I want the Tigers to get good again is to hear Dan Dickerson get excited again. No one does it better.