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For The First Time Since 2008, The National Player Of The Year Is BACK - OSCAR TSHIEBWE IS RETURNING TO KENTUCKY

And there's the best news I could have heard today. The rumors have been out there and now it's official. Oscar Tshiebwe is coming back to Kentucky. Let me be more specific, the consensus National Player of the Year is coming back to Kentucky. What a massive, massive story considering he's the first NPOY since Tyler Hansbrough in 2008 to come back. If I remember correctly UNC won the title that following year, so according to math Kentucky should win this year. 

Oh and yeah of course it helps with NIL. If he can make money and collect - there's a weird rule since he's on a student visa that's trying to get reversed - this is out there. 

This is good for the sport. Say what you want about Kentucky, getting the reigning NPOY back to the sport is awesome. More big names keep coming back instead of being second round picks. That's where Oscar would have been. He was projected to go around 45. Now he can make money, be the king on campus and try to keep developing his game. Not a bad gig. 

Now Kentucky is a preseason top-5 team again. They still can bring back Shaedon Sharpe which is the biggest decision left. Then expect 1-2 guard/wings from the portal. They'll have Wheeler, Fredrick, Wallace, Livingston and Oscar. Not a bad group to start with. Not to mention Damion Collins is coming back already too. 

This is step 1 for Cal. There's no doubt he has pressure this year, perhaps the most pressure of any coach. He has to follow up losing to St. Peter's with a run to at least a Final Four. He's getting guys back and now needs to keep playing modern basketball, preferably with a stretch four. But Oscar alleviates a ton of what could be missing. 

Revenge to...never mind. I'll wait.