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The Fathers of Ja Morant And Karl-Anthony Towns Gave Us The Greatest Sideline Interview In NBA History

Justin Ford. Getty Images.

I'm in awe. This video is less than two minutes long. I don't even need to direct quote anything here. You just need to watch it.

Karl-Anthony Towns Sr. and Tee Morant TEED OFF on each other during Tuesday's Game 2 between the Grizzlies and Timberwolves in Memphis. But the thing is, it was some of the most pleasant-yet-cutting trash talk you'll ever hear. You can tell these guys are in good spirits and are having an absolute blast cheering on their sons in the NBA Playoffs.

It doesn't get much better than this. Towns was talking shit about how Ja has never won anything in the postseason. Tee was firing back by saying the Grizzlies were just trying to make the Wolves FEEL BETTER by letting them win Game 1, because after four more games, he predicted Memphis would be moving on to the next round.

We'll see who gets the last word. For a little more background, here's a pre-game interview with the All-Star Dads:

But you know who the real MVP was of this entire situation? NBA TV Sideline reporter Chris Haynes. Towns and Morant were rattling off zingers at a pace faster than both the chaos-embracing teams played on the hardwood. He had one microphone to work with, tons of crowd noise at FedExForum to distract him, and had to find a rhythm for switching back and forth between these extraordinary men.

Props to you, Chris Haynes. It wasn't a pitch-perfect performance, but you provided us with enough soundbites to make up for all the underwhelming sideline interviews we basketball fan folk typically have to sit through.

Seriously, have you ever heard a better sideline interview in NBA history? That headline isn't hyperbole! I challenge commenters to find me a better example. Before you dare to invoke the Spurs, I've had my helping of Gregg Popovich being a terse, succinctly-speaking dick to sideline reporters for an entire lifetime, thank you very much.

The only thing springing to mind that even compares is a rehabbing Klay Thompson, but he was doing more of his own commentary and reporting and bouncing off the broadcast team.