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The Detroit Tigers Put On A Clown Show Against The Yankees Tonight

What is this nonsense? Look, MANY teams in baseball are more talented than the Tigers. It’s been that way for a long time now. If you go toe to toe with a more talented team and they beat you, but that’s baseball. Shit, that’s life. I can deal with simply being untalented. I can’t deal with stupidity. And what the Tigers did against the Yankees tonight was a prime example of stupidity. This is usually when I say, “Hey, it’s only one game in a long season. They’re 4-6. It’ll be okay.” But naw, this shit was awful. Was it windy? Yes, it was. It’s also bizarre that the wind seemingly only impacted one team like the cold did last week against the Red Sox. Does having a seemed riddled with injuries suck? Of course, it does. Is that a fair excuse for poor fundamentals and lazy baseball? Absolutely not. 

Over the last five years, Tigers fans have seen some garbage. The only other fan base that can say they’ve seen worse has been Orioles fans. That’s not a shot at them either. I hope they get good soon, but they’ve had some bad teams. If this was 2019, and Jordy Mercer was batting cleanup, I’d have no problem admitting that this team is simply in tank mode, and all who enter Comerica Park should abandon all hope. But this version of the Tigers is supposed to be trying. This is supposed to be the ascension year. And maybe it still could be. There’s a lot of season left, but I think this will be the checkpoint for many fans. It’s not a necessity that this team makes the playoffs and wins 90+ games, but I think expectations have been pretty tame- be competent. As I stated earlier, there are more talented teams than Detroit. 

At the same time, they shouldn’t be struggling this much. Tonight was the opposite of what fans have been hoping for. And maybe at some point, Tiger fans will look back at this game and laugh. Perhaps it’ll be one of those weird off nights that even the best teams have, or it will be another low point for an organization specializing in low points since 2017. Yes, seeing Miggy get close to 3,000 is fun. Do you know what’s better? Winning games, not embarrassing yourself, not making errors, and being competitive. I’ll always be there because I’m a weirdo, and it’s what I get paid to do, but last year’s team, as mediocre as they were, did pique some people’s curiosity with their young core. It would be a shame to waste that good juju. You have to do everything you can to throw this one in the trash and try to be better tomorrow. I’ll be with them until the end of the line, but I know many people don’t share my insanity.