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Not Only Did The Orioles Take The Series From The Yankees, But The Orioles TV Network Absolutely Embarrassed The Yankees And Their Fans With One Single Tweet

Toughhhhh, tough weekend for the Yankees in Charm City. Some would say you hate to see it, I wouldn't though, I actually loved to see it. Despite their offensive woes the Orioles took 2 our of 3 from the Yankees and had a legit chance to sweep them if a freak hailstorm didn't come into town on Saturday night and throw their entire bullpen off. We can talk about how the Orioles team ERA is 3.04 (2nd in the AL, 5th in MLB) or how their bullpen ERA is 2.66 (3rd in AL, 6th in MLB), or how they may be one of the worst teams ever with RISP (heading into the 8th inning on Sunday the team was 7-for-83), or how the Yankees only scored in 3 of the 29 innings they played this weekend, or that the Orioles shutout the Yankees in Camden Yards on Sunday for the first time since September 3rd, 2016. The Yankees scored 6 runs in 3 games but you're crazy enough to think that is enough to beat the Orioles at home.

Instead of focusing on all that we have to talk about the masterclass the Orioles TV Network, MASN, put on the Yankees this weekend. Their body wasn't even cold when @MasnOrioles unleashed a monster of a tweet towards them.

Oooooof, hit them with the bandwagon fan joke! The old Yankees/Lakers joke. Went right for the jugular and they nailed it. Over 60K likes, doing numbers with the poster. They aren't wrong either, and to make it worse they could have thrown in there that Duke lost 2 weeks ago too, that loss is still fresh in Yankees' fans minds too. I haven't seen a social media roasting this bad since the Orioles did it to the Red Sox last September. They may not have the wins to stack up with the best teams in baseball over the last few years, but their social media teams has to be up there. I mean this was a butchering of the Yankees. This is more embarrassing than getting shutout on Easter. You know those Yankee/Lakers fans were punching air when they saw this. The replies were a bloodbath. Actual Yankee and Lakers fans getting upset and saying it was a bad joke. That is art. You do truly have to feel sorry for that group of fans, nothing is going their way and it's sad to see. 

The Orioles account got in on the magic too and fried up the Yankees after they made a very strange tweet about Nestor Cortes Jr. and his immaculate inning?

It's an immaculate inning, it's not a perfect game. We've seen these before. So naturally the Orioles took Roughned Odor's go-ahead hit and copy and pasted the Yankees caption onto it. Just a rough weekend all around for anyone associated with the Yankees. I can say everyone in Orange had fun this weekend, not so much for the pinstripes. Great work on the field and on the bird website, what a weekend in Baltimore.