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From 1-12 to The Playoffs!!!!! Your 2022 New Orleans Pelicans…

My heart is still racing in my chest 30 minutes after the New Orleans Pelicans beat the Clippers 105-101 in a heart stopping instant Classic to make the NBA Playoffs!

Brandon Ingram went off in the 1st quarter shooting a scorching 🔥 8/9 for 18 points to lead the Pels to a 56-46 lead at half.

The Pelicans then had a full Stage 5 melt down in the 3rd quarter scoring 4 points in first 7 minutes. The Clippers out scored them a whopping 38-18!!!

Yet all hope was not lost. Brandon Ingram stepped back up in 4th to finish with 30 and Trey Murphy lived up to his name with four 3s. The defense led by Herb Jones got several key stops down the stretch and the Pelicans freaking won the damn thing!!!

In my entire almost 39 years, this 4th quarter was the most intense I have ever been watching an NBA game. I was on edge of seat & my nerves are shot as I smile ear to ear!

The team that started 1-12 with Zion playing zero minutes make the playoffs. Literally unbelievable! And look who will be coming back to New Orleans…. Chris Paul and Monty Williams! It is the full circle of life for the franchise.

And as coincidence would have it, the Barstool Sportsbook will be sponsoring the PGA Zurich Classic next weekend. I damn sure will see you fellas in The Blender next Friday night for Game 3!

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