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A Woman Tried To Glue Her Wrist To The Court In The Middle Of The Clippers-Wolves Game And Was Promptly Ejected

David Sherman. Getty Images.


I barely know what to say. I just know it was too much of a bizarre situation NOT to write about. According to the TNT broadcast, it may have been some form of protest she was trying? Sideline reporter Allie LaForce provided the "glue" detail. Unclear if it was actually superglue, Elmer's liquid, a glue stick, a glue gun…I don't know. This woman was gone before the TV cameras even got a clean glimpse of her.

Here's the best angle I could find on the Twittersphere:

UPDATE: In the initial post, I was baffled and hoping for "a follow-up interview for some modicum of sane context" — and shortly after initially publishing, we have an answer! The woman was protesting on behalf of a grassroots animal rights organization named Direct Action Everywhere, who linked out to a press release that covered this event and the rationale behind it:

Sheesh. This wound up being a little heavier than met the eye, didn't it. It was all just a little surreal and absurd overall, and the game kept going with little delay.

The NBA Play-In Tournament is strange enough with its stats that don't count for the regular season or playoffs. This was certainly a dramatic plot twist in an otherwise ugly-ass game marred by numerous foul calls. Karl-Anthony Towns bricked all seven of his shots and picked up four fouls in the first half! YIKES.

Anyway, carry on with your lives.