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No Better Indication That Wrigley Is Back Than The Guy Rocking Full Face Paint And A Fire Flames Neck Tattoo, Literally

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9 out of 10, ticket prices soaring ($140 on the street for a bleacher seat yesterday), and guys with fire flame neck tattoos going full face paint on a Saturday afternoon, don’t look now boys and girls but the Cubs and Wrigley are back. Going for the sweep today and 3.5 game lead on the Wild Card and I have to admit, I’m starting to believe. It’s a scary proposition because the second you believe is the second you get your heart broken but I now think the Cubs can make the playoffs this year. Blown away all expectations going into this season but I’m there, I believe in the ’15 Cubs, now let us pray.



Other good sign Wrigley is back, guys puking in the bleachers, couldn’t even get people to care that much the past 6 years.


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