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Joey Votto's Mic'd Up On-The-Field Interview Last Night Was Spectacular

The phrase national treasure gets thrown around a lot these days, but Joey Votto is in fact a national treasure. Not many MLB players who'd probably be willing to do a live interview while in the field during the regular season. That's one thing, but to also be as entertaining as Votto was there? We're talking only a handful of guys, if that, who could hold that kinda convo. 

Talking baseball, being in a mid-life crisis, getting a gold tooth, and more. I happened to catch this whole thing live and never wanted it to end. Definitely worth the watch. 

Would love to see more of this, but I imagine it's a hard ask for a player to do this mid-game during the season. Incredible way to market players if they're willing to deal with it the half inning bother.