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Russia Has A Beauty Pageant For Their Women Soldiers While The Other Soldiers Commit War Crimes And Get Killed In Droves

Russian President Vladimir Putin's army held a military beauty contest this week despite the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The contest, named Makeup Under Camouflage, was done in celebration of International Women's day, according to a Euronews report.

The event saw women soldiers compete in military tests and exercises as well as show off their creative, culinary and intellectual gifts.

A military magazine, Red Star, said about 40 women took part in the competition, according to a Mirror report. All of the participants were from Russia's strategic missile forces.

One of the challenges included in the competition was the application of combat makeup. There were other non-combative activities like first aid skills, dancing and general knowledge as well.

Look at you, ya big pervert. You were coming here to gawk at the soldiers in the beauty pageant. For shame. For shame. I will not comply with your horny wishes. Even the woman in the thumbnail is a Russian airsoft head. Again, for shame. 

Imagine being involved with this pageant. You know that you've experienced 10k plus deaths on the Russian side while your army commits a fucking genocide on the Ukrainian people. What do you do? Well, you go into a pageant where people judge your looks, dancing skills, and ability to put on combat makeup. Life in Russia is certifiably insane and it's hard to tell if they even know it. 

Watch the Youtube above. We've got some pretty good ideas for combat beauty pageant russian katie if I do say so myself... and I do.