Tigers Outfielder Riley Greene Will Miss The Start Of The Season With A Fractured Foot

Yeah, this sucks. I’m doing all I can to contain my rage and not just type “MOTHERFUCKING GODDAMMIT” fifty times into my keyboard until my fingers start to bleed. There’s no silver lining here. This is awful news. With just one week until Opening Day, the Tigers center fielder of the future breaks his foot before hitting a triple off of Gerrit Cole. This lets a lot of air out of the balloon of excitement for many Tigers fans. Greene was red hot in Spring training and was set to begin his major league career next week. Those plans have officially been delayed.

I don’t take any positives out of this, but if anything makes this situation less shitty, it’s the fact that 

A- his injury won’t require surgery. 

B- it happened in Spring training. 

I’d much rather have a guy who starts the year on the IL than one who ends the year on the IL. While the time table for a fractured foot is usually around 6-8 weeks, it will likely be even longer until we see him Greene in a major league uniform. He’ll have to get his reps down in the minors for a few weeks because he gets called up.

My excitement for this year’s Tigers season hasn’t waned, but even at my most optimistic, the one thing that has worried me is that the roster is thin. Talented but thin. And despite not playing a game yet, we’ve already seen several key pieces go down due to injury. 

In addition to Greene, Hill, and Chafin, Kyle Funkhouser, who put up a 3.42 ERA last season in 57 appearances, won’t be ready for Opening Day either. No team is ever fully healthy, but Detroit may have to weather the storm for a while and pray that the Victor Reyes we saw in the second half last season shows up until Riley Greene can come back. Please, please, please, please, please, don't let this be a season that gets derailed by injuries. 

Get well, Riley. We can’t wait to see you at Comerica.