Kevin Garnett Is DISTRAUGHT That DK Metcalf Eats 3-4 BAGS Of Candy A Day And Only One Meal

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That's right, DK Metcalf. Take in all the love from the crowd. Take a bow, even. Because if you can look like that while eating like this…

I'm not sure if Kevin Garnett wanted to laugh, cry, curl up into the fetal position while plugging his ears, or just reignite the ultimate competitor in him and scream in DK's face for his total disregard for proper nutrition. But in this particular interview for KG Certified, Garnett's Showtime series/podcast, Metcalf perhaps ill-advisedly — or to low-key weird flex — revealed what he eats in a day:

 "I eat one meal a day, drink one coffee, and eat like three, four bags of candy. […] Yesterday I woke up, worked out, worked out again, came home, showered. I'm hungry. Run to Starbucks, get a quick coffee. That's gonna hold me till like, 4-5 o' clock. […] Around 4:30, I order some candy, and a water. So I got…the Skittles gummies. Then I got the Lifesaver Creations. They're the same-size bag. So I just mix 'em."

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Metcalf went on to explain that he had an actual, square meal around 8 or 9 in the evening before hitting the hay. But like, let's not bury the lede here.

What is this man doing!?!? He's in line for a massive contract extension from the Seahawks, or a blockbuster trade to greener pastures, if this wild era of NFL players mobility is any indication. Either way, Metcalf is about to get PAID. And he's filling the Greek God-like sculpture of a temple that is his body with JUNK!

We've seen other star athletes go this route to varying degrees of success. Mostly during his early-career tenure with the Orlando Magic, Dwight Howard used to eat the equivalent of roughly 24 chocolate bars worth of sugar EVERY DAY. Another sweet-tooth fanatic was Lakers super sub Lamar Odom. He routinely threw back candy by the handfuls just like Metcalf seems to do, and credited a candy-for-breakfast regimen for his double-doubles in Games 5 and 6 of the 2009 Western Conference Finals, which ultimately helped LA win the Finals over Howard's Magic.

Metcalf is such an absolute tank that it doesn't seem to matter what he eats. He can physically manhandle 99.999% of cornerbacks who line up across from him. The fact that he's flashed the dominance he has during his young NFL career with this type of sugar intake speaks to just how freakishly athletic he is — and how much better he can get when, you know, a dietitian hooks him up with some healthy-ass foods. At age 24, Metcalf already has 3,170 yards and 29 touchdowns through three seasons. Beyond all those catches, he also did THIS, which may be his most impressive play of all:

Will Metcalf maximize his immense potential eating the way he does right now? You can't convince me he will. Cut him a break, though. He's young. Geez, I thought the Seahawks were behind the times on their offensive schemes. They apparently aren't the best at nutritional advocacy within the organization, either. It's amazing that Russell Wilson didn't make a more concerted effort to steer Metcalf toward cleaner culinary delights. Or maybe he did and couldn't get through to him, and that was one of the myriad of reasons he wanted to get the hell out of Seattle. Who knows? Both parties have been so awkward and weird about their split that the best we can do is wildly speculate with fan fiction.

DK, for the love of all that is holy, hire a personal chef when you get that sweet, sweet payday, man. Oh NO. I just made a candy bar pun. If the Seahawks had any sense or were a modern, progressive organization, they'd have, like, five cooks in Metcalf's kitchen ready to feed him at any and all hours of the day. I know he burns a TON of calories working out, training, practicing, playing in games, etc. But still. Come on. Metcalf is one of the most exciting playmakers in the NFL. It'd be a shame to see him at anything less than his absolute best once he hits his true prime.