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Doc Rivers Squarely Blamed James Harden For The 76ers Collapse Against The Detroit Pistons Tonight

Nobody throws more of his own guys under the bus than Doc Rivers. Nobody. He did it with Rondo on the Celtics. He did it with Ben Simmons the second the Hawks eliminated the 76ers last year. He’s doing it with James Harden now. The type of thing you want to see heading into the playoffs. This isn’t Spoelstra challenging Jimmy Butler to fisticuffs mid-game over a disagreement. Spo had his guy’s back when he faced the media that night. This is tried and true Doc. Things go wrong, must be someone else’s fault. Josh Smith single-handedly erases a 3-1 playoff series deficit against the favored Clippers? Must be Blake Griffin’s fault. No one can score against the Detroit Pistons? Harden has to be better.

If there was ever going to be a team to figure this shit out on the fly in the postseason, it’s gotta be the one with Embiid, Harden and Doc at the helm. Can’t imagine a scenario where that doesn’t work out.