BREAKING: The New Orleans Saints Go All In And Sign Andy Dalton

It's officially the end of an era in Chicago. Sad day that should have never come and I mean that because the Bears should have never signed Andy Dalton in the first place. But thankfully those assholes are long gone and we can get on our lives. In that respect, congratulations to Andy Dalton. $6M is no fuckin joke for a guy that absolutely sucks at winning games in the NFL. $3M guaranteed too? His agent gets a beef even if he doesn't want one. I'm still slinging beefs and this is primetime beef category. 

Let's face it. Andy Dalton moans. Some of the worst quarterback play you can stomach because he's on the way ou and there's literally no hope watching him take snaps. None. Your fandom might as well have a terminal illness with him under center. Slowly withering and dying as you see one 3 and out after another turn into the eventual desperate pick 6. 

But what do I know. I'm not making 6 million dollars next year to suck at something. I'm making far less to be marginally better at my job and that's why I'm willing to say Andy Dalton will always have the upper hand. Even as a day walking ginger. Credit where it's due. 

Bad news? Andy Dalton is going to look like shit in the saints uniforms. He needs to the orange to mix and blend the facial hair. Black & Gold just doesn't play and you can't convince me otherwise. 

PS - There's 1,000 Andy Dalton types walking around Bourbon Street at any given time sucking down hand grenades and high fiving their buddies from Indianapolis. He's a complete outsider but in a way New Orleans was made for him.