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The Lions Will Be Featured On "Hard Knocks" AND Detroit Will Host The 2024 NFL Draft

Today is probably the most positive day that Detroit has seen from a football standpoint in several years. Don't get me wrong, the team is still terrible, and they're still in the early stages of a rebuild after trading a Hall Of Fame quarterback who just won a Super Bowl in year one with another franchise. You also don't exactly hang a banner for being featured on "Hard Knocks," but let's focus on the positives for a second. 

Dan Campbell moves the needle. Regardless of whether you think he's the right guy for the job or not, he's at least interesting. He's a coach who feels like he's the result of what would happen if a group of scientists tried to create the ultimate football guy in a lab. One of the many things that made the Bob Quinn/Matt Patricia era so insufferable was just how damn boring it was. The only exciting thing to come out of that era was checking how the Lions would find new ways to cough up 4th quarter leads. At least for the time being, this current regime was made for television. And no, it won't be a distraction, the way I've seen some people on Twitter suggest.

As far as the draft goes, I'm excited that we're getting big-time events in Detroit again. Anything that can help promote the city is something I'm all for. I'm not a huge draft guy and don't see myself going, but I acknowledge I'm a stick in the mud. That place will be packed with Lions fans, and as long as it's good for Detroit, that's what matters. I hope I can be all-in on the Lions here soon. It would be cool if the worst organization in the history of sports could do something neat like win a playoff game in my lifetime. It's exciting to see the fanbase fired up, though. Detroit is ever so slowly getting things to cheer about. The next step is to improve the on-field product. That will happen one day. I mean…it will happen, won't it?