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Will Smith Followed Up Slapping Chris Rock By Gettin' Jiggy With It At The Afterparty While Holding His Best Actor Oscar

There have been roughly 582,591,671 blogs published on the site since The Slap Heard Round The World happened roughly 12 hours ago, which I guess makes this 582,591,672. I was sleeping when everything went down because I am a washed up loser with two kids and no life. So as you can imagine, this was my reaction to logging on the the interwebs this morning to catch up on what happened after I went to bed.

My personal takes on the entire situation are: 

1. Will Smith threw the cleanest slap I have ever seen thrown outside of The Nature Boy

2. Chris Rock's chin ate that shit like a champ

3. Regardless of how many poor normal people like myself are calling Will Smith a cuck beta loser, being able to dance the night away to your popcorn rap song that made you millions decades ago as you dance with your brand new Oscar for Best Actor must be a helllllll of a feeling. Sure the moment Will Smith snuck a peak at social and sorted through all the memes, his ego will feel like its being dragged through hot coals like any public figure that dares to log on when they are in the news. But until he started staring at his phone like the rest of us, he got to live that Big Willie Style life.

Anyway, I'll let all the pop culture experts here at Barstool weigh in on what is a beautiful internet feeding frenzy the reminds me of the Internet 1.0 days here at Barstool, with KFC doing a brilliant job summing everything up on this morning's Emergency Kevin Clancy Show.