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You Need To Just Put Your Head Down & Power On With Your Day If You Get Stood Up On A Fist Bump

So yesterday the Yak cameras caught a tough moment of mine. A real, real, real tough moment. Coincidentally whenever I have Only Fans models in the office for this show I have in the works (tune in next Wednesday for the first episode around the idea of Only Fans journalism) it happens to be during the Yak which means they always have their camera on me. Yesterday I had Lisa Ann & Genie Exum on for what will be the 2nd episode of said show. (once again please for the love of God tune in next Wednesday it will be a funny twist on shit like this)

As they left one of our video guys Stefan that helped me set up in there walked by me and as you can see I reached out for a fist bump to thank him for setting him up in there. Next thing I know my world was turned upside down on account of getting ghosted on the fist bump. But then again if it happens to Tom Brady it can happen to anyone, right? That's the one saving grace in all of this that it happened to Brady.

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Once you realize that you gotta just put your head down and carry on with the work day.