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Erik Spoelstra And Udonis Haslem Tried To Fight Jimmy Butler Mid-Game

I've never seen this many people, coaches and players united, furious at one single teammate like this. Never not once. I'm sure it's tough when Spo is trying to talk about what the Heat need to do to stop a run and Jimmy keeps reminding everyone he's friends with Mark Wahlberg. The first couple of times, sure, that's pretty cool we can all agree. But there's a time and place for everything and the middle of the third quarter when the Warriors remember they're really good at basketball is most certainly not that time. "Maybe if we all did some pushups the Warriors will get scared and we'll win by forfeit," has to be an incredibly annoying thing to hear when you're just trying to coach. Luckily the Heat bounced back from this little dust up. And by "bounced back" I mean lost by 14 at home to a Warriors team that did not feature Steph, Draymond, Klay, or Otto Porter tonight. I'm sure it's nothing, that HEAT CULTURE is undefeated after all. Jimmy Butler is the king of apologies and "mending the fence" as we say in the biz. This will all be water under the bridge by the time his 3 AM gym session rolls around.