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The Worst Monday Of The Year Gets Better With A Trip To Prague For A Hockey Winner!

The Monday after the 1st and 2nd rounds of NCAA hoops has to be the worst Monday on the Calendar. We’ve had 4 straight days of non-stop action and for most, it comes to an abrupt end. But this is how EBR was founded and while we're still here to give bettors the afternoon action they need to get through a rough workday. Say goodbye to your gambling withdrawal symptoms by reading the latest Chiclets Concierge and traveling to Prague for a winner.

Anthony DELANOIX. Unsplash Images.

Location: Prague 

Capital of the Czech Republic and often the landing spot for Bachelor and Bachelorette parties for people from around the world. Known for its cheap prices on beer and food, this city is alive and ready to party at all times. Rookies, please be aware that when walking on the Charles Bridge pickpockets thrive here and are looking to take advantage of you as you take in the amazing views.

Imports Pick For Best Bar: The PUB- Pilsner Unique Bar

We all know by now that Pilsner Urquell is the best beer in the Czech Republic but what makes this bar the best spot is not the beer. The reason we always like to make a stop here to start our day is because of the taps right at your table. There is a digital clock on each tap counting how many liters you and your pals have put back, but the real fun part is the giant scoreboard keeping track of all the tables in the place. If you have a big group you split up, put a little money in a pot, and see which table can put down the most sudds in the first hour or 2!!

Food: Street Meat

My favorite thing about Prague has and will always be the street meat. There are snack bar-type booths stationed all over town that have the best hot dogs, hands down.  Grab them for a quick easy lunch. or grab 2 when they taste best after the bar!!

Shopping: Old Town

Make sure to make a trip to Old Town and stroll the small streets to do grab some gifts for the loved ones back home. One cool thing was this little shop with Russia Matryoshka Dolls painted in sports teams' uniforms.

Don’t be freaked out by the number of puppet stores that you come across like I was the first time, it's just that in Prague puppet theaters are a very popular form of entertainment.

Local Team: Sparta Prague 

Play in the Czech Extra-Liga and have won 4 Czech Championships. Sparta is one of the oldest hockey clubs in the world getting its start in 1909. Famous Czech Alumni include Petr Nedved, Martin Rucinsky, Jan Hrdina, Zdeno Chara, David Koci, and Michel Sivek.

Arena: O2 Arena

17,383 person capacity makes it the largest arena in Czech and the 2nd largest in all of Europe behind Lanxess Arena in Cologne, Germany. O2 has hosted a number of NHL games and countless big-name concerts including Madonna, Celine Dion, and Leafs’ fanboy Justin Bieber. The NHL-sized arena and new amenities in the locker room are just a couple of reasons players want to sign in to Prague.

Sparta is one of the hottest teams in Europe right now and will want to get their playoff run off to a fast start at home. Get over to Barstool Sportsbook hammer this game and start your recovery from the weekend started the right way.

Murls’ Best Bet: Sparta Prague 3-way -155

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