The Highlight Of The Weekend Was Kristaps Porzingis Posterizing LeBron While The Lakers Blew A 16 Point Lead (Side Note: Sitting On The Floor At An NBA Game Was VERY AWESOME)


I've had a long day of traveling but I had to get this blog up today. On Saturday I went to the Lakers/Wizards game in DC. First time I ever sat on the floor at a basketball game and it was AWESOME. I would say pound for pound, easily the coolest/best sports watching experience I've ever had. I've sat on the glass at hockey games and being on the wood at an NBA game was even cooler. Like, first of all, NBA players gotta be the greatest athletes in the entire universe. The sheer size and athleticism is mind blowing, especially when you're close enough to get stepped on by the ref or catch a bead of sweat in the eye. I mean we know that, but it was just...different being that close. It was always a bucket list item for me, and through the grace of the generosity of Zach, I was able to scratch it off the list, and boy was it great. 

But outside of just how cool it was, my biggest takeaway EASILY was this- LeBron is a bigger complainer and way more annoying than we give him credit for. I didn't particularly care for LeBron before the game, but I also always felt he gets it worse than he should because of who he is. I WAS WRONG. LeBron did not stop complaining. It was WILD. He also was annoying and arrogant. At one point he hit a 3 and did the airplane run all around the court while holding his dick. 


Patrick Smith. Getty Images.

Sad. Children were there. He should be fined for that.


Then something that struck a nerve with me. He backed down 5'10 Ish Smith and then did this….





Uhhhh, yeah dude, you're 6'8, 270, I hope you can back down Ish Smith. 

(Side note: I'm not double fisting, I have a cookie in my hand. I said all along I hope I get a picture of me eating a chocolate chip cookie courtside, and mission accomplished. I wish it wasn't with LeBron in the shot, going to have to go through the footage and see if there's a better one. Double side note: Guy behind us with an all time flex. Don't even care it was for LeBron, that's just a great picture and I hope he sees it. Triple side note: Now that I look closer, I might be double fisting. I think the cookie is on my lap.)

But then what happened on the next play? He got YAMMED ON.



Which brings me to my next biggest takeaway- these are big guys, BUT PORZINGIS IS SO MUCH BIGGER. Mesmerizingly tall, but runs with the grace of a gazelle. Oh wait, here are more pictures of him making LeBron his little brother.


KeShawn Ennis. Getty Images.


Patrick Smith. Getty Images.



And here's Ish and KP enjoying themselves.


Patrick Smith. Getty Images.


My guys!

And all the while, through all of LeBrons dick holding and showboating and all of his nonsense…the Lakers blew a 16 point lead. 


Let me say that again.

Through all this theatrics, keep in mind this 10 games under .500 team blew a 16 point lead. And it's all LeBron's fault. 

Oh wait…there was another funny moment where LeBron shot an airball and then immediately blamed that random white guy on the team, Austin Reaves. I wish I could find that clip. It was absurd. Just started barking at Austin Reaves for absolutely no reason. Was hysterical. 

This Wizards team is fun man. Yes sitting on the wood changes your entire perspective, but that's exactly what I needed. The entire team was having a blast out there, meanwhile you could just tell the Lakers were absolutely not. A team of Rui, Porzingis, Beal, Deni, Kispert, Kuzma, Neto, KCP, and Bryant is a solid team front to back. Oh and Daniel Gafford can jump out of the damn gym. He was so freaking impressive. 

Natey Hoops might be back. I used to watch every Wizards game and the move to NYC has made me fall off a bit, I think I'm back. Let's go mf'ing Wizards.


PS: Westbrick had a good game but I tweeted it anyway.



He also got cocky up 14 though. Fucking loser.


Patrick Smith. Getty Images.