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This Tech For "Hanging On The Rim" Is Exactly Why Coaches Should Be Able To Fight Refs

You know how cops have to get hit with a taser so that they know how it feels before they can be certified to use said taser? We need to apply that course of action to refs doling out technical fouls to players for "hanging on the rim." Because this shit is getting out of hand. If a referee cannot dunk they are hereby no longer allowed to call techs on players hanging on the rim. I don't care if they go full AND-1 Mixtape Tour and Spider-Man upside-down on that sucker, if the ref cannot dunk they cannot call anything. Explain to me the difference between hanging on the rim and batflipping a dinger in baseball? Yeah, it's taunting. It's also cool as hell. It's entertaining. It makes the sport money because it puts asses in the seats. 

The refs know they can call a tech here because there are no repercussions on their end. If a coach complains, boom, another technical foul. Pretty soon the entire Illini are tossed and Houston is playing against spectators just to fill the time slot. That is where the fight challenge flag comes into play. Ref blows the whistle and the coach immediately walks out to center court. The ref can either agree to combat or withdraw his technical foul call. This adds another layer of entertainment value while also cutting down on erroneous techs from jealous refs. It's what we in the business call a "win-win." 

But I know they wont implement this rule so I'm offering the next best thing: make the refs dunk. If they can't, that's not my problem. They can still referee they just cannot call this one specific technical foul and we're all better off. You're welcome for saving basketball.