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I'd Hate To Say It But I Really Don't Think Melvin Gordon Was Too Impressed With My Speed

Shit. It's really demoralizing when you think you're roaming around being the fastest guy that can also simultaneously eat 60 McNuggets in 20 minutes in the world then you run a quick sprint for an NFL Superstar in a hotel conference room only for him to be wildly unimpressed which I guess is fair? I mean he's playing in the National Football League and I'm a professional ice cream eater so we're about as opposite ends of the spectrum as it gets. 

Either way though I hope y'all enjoy that video! We did a Sundae Conversation with Melvin Gordon, saw Brian Urlacher with hair for the first time, Caleb gave the iconic Portillo's a try, I hit an Arizona State football game, I experienced the journey up the Red Rocks steps, went to a Rockies game, AND some shots of golf with Von Miller. Wild stuff. Much more to come in future videos too with stuff from Gainesville, Dallas, Jimmy John's Yacht, Kodak Black, touring with Chase Rice, Darius Rucker, and so so so much more. Thank you to anyone watching!! It means more than you know.