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A Shot And A Beer For Lunch In Europe Means It Must Be A Friday During March Madness!!

All screens are on the day games in NCAA hoops but the EBR crew always has an eye on Europe during lunch.  A Friday lunch during this busy time where people are doing half the work with all the action we will need a light lunch.  There are 3 items on this menu and believe me try them all.  Let's keep this epic hot streak alive, Everybody Rides Baby!

Starter: 11am Est - Czech Extra-Liga  

Let’s be honest Fridays in March everyone better have their book of excuses of why the lunch took a little more time or it's a complete no show so that you can be in front of a tv with a beer We rave about Czech beer all the time and many know Pilsner Urquell is by far the EBR favorite and it just so happens there is a hockey team in the city with the brewery. Pilsner beer was created in Plzeñ by a Bavarian brewer who used the city’s soft water to create a clear golden beer and the rest is history.  This is a perfect beer at lunch to be able to enjoy the rest of your day but poured into a mug is the best way to hammer it. 

Murls’ Best Bet: Plzeñ 3-way -109

Main Course: 1pm Est - Sweden Allsvenskan

EBR loosened the stomach up a little with some early beers down the hatch but don’t be a rookie and make sure to get a solid base so you can celebrate with the money won and make it a night. Smörgåstårta is one of the wildest and weirdest dishes I have seen in my travels but it's delicious.  This triple-decker sandwich is made with a piece of bread and covered with mayonnaise-covered shrimp. Also, add a couple of sliced deviled eggs. Add another piece of bread on top put a layer of tuna salad mix on this level. Then add another piece of bread and now it's time to cover the top with cream cheese, cucumber, olives, and tomato. Different variations exist for taste, great for holidays and parties.  Be sure to have a mint in the pocket or the money you win won’t matter at all. 

Murls’ Best Bet: Björklöven 3-way -139

Dessert: 1:30pm Est - Germany DEL

Any good meal ends with a dessert so EBR will head to Germany and grab a few German Rum Balls. It’s Friday in March Madness so, of course, we are looking for something with a little booze in it. These Rum Balls are easy to make, just melt down some chocolate and add it to a mix of creamed butter and sugar. Time to pour in the rum and then just roll the mixture and we got our nice little dessert to send us on our way to the betting window to cash our tickets.

 Murls’ Best Bet: Krefeld/Düsseldorf over 5.5 -125

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