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It Took Approximately Negative 10 Hours Before Tonight's Game For Ben Simmons To Get Boo'd In Philadelphia

Ben Simmons makes his triumphant return to the Wells Fargo Center tonight as a member of the Brooklyn Nets. Much has been made about the type of reception Ben will receive from the Philly faithful. A fanbase that stood by his side for years as Ben Simmons as he continuously refused to improve his shooting. A fanbase which defended and supported him and treated him like he was one of our own. 

Then game 7 of that Hawks series happened and Ben Simmons quit on the Sixers, refused to talk to any of his teammates, shit on the entire city and refused to play another game in a Sixers uniform. Somehow the Philly fans are to blame for that, but whatever. 

Either way, Ben Simmons makes his return tonight at 7:30 pm even if he'll just be sitting on the bench all night. The Nets were staying at the Four Seasons last night (unfortunately not Four Seasons Landscaping), so a few Philly fans went by to send their regards to the division rival. Now a lot of folks out there are going to just blindly assume the booo's and the "thanks for James" were intended for Ben Simmons. But we just don't have nearly enough evidence to confirm that. The boo's could have been directed at any number of members from the Nets roster and staff. Find a new slant. 

Now the one thing I can tell you for certain was directed at Ben so far this morning was this question from well-respected and critically acclaimed journalist Howard Eskin as the Nets were walking into their morning shootaround. 

That's why Howard makes the big bucks. How dare Blake Griffin equate him to TMZ level journalism. This is Watergate. 

Anyway, it should end up being a nice comfortable night for Ben Simmons tonight. I just hope everybody has fun out there.