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The Bulls Are Going To Curb Stomp The 76ers Tonight Worse Than Trysta Curb Stomped Smitty Last Year

Sports betting has been legal in the completely mediocre (shitty?) state of Illinois for some time now, and the Barstool Sportsbook has been live for about a year. Right before we launched here, our completely mediocre (shitty?) governor realized that people might not want to go to a casino property in the middle of a pandemic to register for online gaming, so he put a temporary moratorium on that law that said you had to do so. This was great, as we launched during this moratorium and people could freely download the app and start wagering within minutes.

That ended last fall though. Illinois lawmakers pulled the rug from underneath us and decided to lift the moratorium and enforce their legislation where you had to drive to Penn properties in either Aurora or Joliet to register for the Barstool Sportsbook. That sucked, as the entire purpose of having an app is to make life easier, not more difficult.  Ideally, an adult should be able to legally and responsibly bet on sports at the click of a button. Nobody wants to have to drive out to the far reaches of the suburbs to do so and we didn't want to send you guys out there. That complicates everything. 

Because of that moratorium lift, that was the rule and there was nothing we could do. That's done though, thank god. 

You can now download the app here...

...and start betting live bullets within minutes if you're in Illinois. 

Last week, you couldn't do that. Now you can. And you can make up to $600 in bonus cash if you enter promo code "BACK" when you register with a new account and put $20 on the Bulls and the points tonight against Philly - $500 if they win the east, $100 if Demar wins the scoring title and $50 if he comes in 2nd. 

Here's the TL/DR:

Oh, and you'll get access to my unbelievable baseball brain when (if? fuck) baseball returns. Last year, my "Mash the Lefty" odds boosts ended up putting about $3000 in people's pockets if they bet $100 on each of them last year:

It was by far and away the best exclusives bet we had in the app during 2021. I didn't ask or verify that that's true with Penn, but I'm confident that it is. We were even knocking on the door at +50U at one point last year, and that's my goal for 2022 - to net $5000 on $100 Mash the Lefty bets. 

Once again - if you're in Illinois, go download the Barstool Sportsbook via the Apple App Store, enter promo code "BACK" and bet $20 on the Bulls vs. the 76ers tonight. You'll automatically be entered to return $500 if the Bulls win the East, $100 if Demar wins the scoring title, and $50 if he comes in 2nd.  


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