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'I'm Not Talking About These Damn Losers' - Charles Barkley Is Boycotting The Word 'Lakers' Until They Win A Playoff Game

Leave it to Chuck to make the most sense in the world. Whenever I need someone to say the truth I look at the one and only Charles Barkley. He's right. We need to stop talking about the Lakers - besides making fun of them, of course. We need to make fun of them. I even stand with Chuck about not calling them the Lakers. From here on out they will only be the team from Southern California. It's a mouthful, but it's worth it. 

The team from Southern California is 9th in the West with a stunning record of 27-35. They should consider themselves lucky they are in the West so they even have a chance to win a playoff game. I hope Chuck doesn't give in if they play and win the play-in game too. Gotta win a real playoff series win to get their name back. All I know is if this was college basketball their coach would strip them of their jerseys like a classic Mick Cronin move. Actually Mick is already in LA, just move him over and let him try and motivate them. I'd love to see Mick yell at Russ and LeBron. 

You can see how pissed Chuck is too. He doesn't want to talk about them. He doesn't want them on TV and he's right. It's time to put the Grizzlies on TV more. Let me watch Ja on national TV. Shit as much as I don't want to say it, the Cavs belong on national TV more. Let's start flexing in playoff teams and fun young players.