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Darrelle Revis Thinks Tom Brady Should Just "Live With" His Suspension




(Source)While fellow Jets corner Antonio Cromartie took Brady’s side against Roger Goodell and the NFL, In an interview with ESPN, Revis said his former teammate needs to “live with” his four-game suspension. “I think it’s dragged a little bit too far,” said Revis. “It’s a little bit too much. I feel that he got the suspension, the four games and you know, live with it. I don’t know all the information. I don’t know everything about the whole situation. Tom is a competitor. I know he wants to win and it’s unfortunate what is going on right now with the situation.”





Good thing Darrelle Revis decided to become a professional athlete rather than practicing law. Hey Duke lacrosse team, I know you guys are totally innocent but just live with it. I get that you’d enjoy a life of freedom but this whole thing has dragged on a bit too far. The prosecution seems to think you did it and there’s no way this is a witch hunt in hopes to win back the people who keep him employed, just take it and let’s be done with this. Same goes for you, Hurricane Carter. No need to keep fighting for your life, just live with being wrongfully imprisoned and let’s move on.


But hey, at least he’s speaking on a subject he’s informed about. At least he’s read the information and knows everything about the whole situation. Oh wait, that’s the exact opposite of what’s true. Revis is spouting off at the mouth about something he hasn’t even looked into. No problem though, Darrelle. Not like this affects you at all. Not like you could ever become the subject of a sham investigation. Just keep walking around blissfully unaware that you’re working for an incredibly corrupt organization and one day the firing squad may be aiming at your heart. When that day comes, live with it.



PS – Notice how Revis has already grabbed headlines with comments twice while at Jets camp? How many did he get while on the Pats? Exactly, zero. That’s what winning teams do. They keep their mouths shut and work.