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Nooooooooooo: USMNT Now Has To Try And Qualify For The World Cup Without Weston McKennie After He Fractured A Foot

God damnit man, it's never easy. It should be easy, but it never is. Weston McKennie has been USMNT's best player. He's been playing so good for both Juventus and USMNT. Now we don't have him for the most important 3-match stretch in a long time. The final 3 matches of World Cup qualifying is just about a month away and a reminder here's where we stand: 

Top-3 auto qualify and the 4th plays New Zealand in a playoff for a spot. What makes it even more important? Our 3 matches are at Mexico, home to Panama and at Costa Rica. The math here is simple. We need to win at home against Panama and need Costa Rica to not win all 3 of their matches. If that happens we're good. However we now have to do that without Weston McKennie. 

Good news is we're fairly deep in the midfield. Bad news is nobody is as good as Weston McKennie. Even more bad news is Gio Reyna hurt himself again, although it's not as bad as it feared originally. 

Ideally we can slide Reyna into that spot at least for a little. Good chance we have to go some sort of committee there with like 4 other guys all possible. There's no other way to put it, qualifying for the World Cup is as important as it can be. You can't miss the World Cup with this group. You can't miss back-to-back World Cups. The US finally has some momentum over the last year and this would just set us back so far. This group is far too talented to be in the spot of missing it. Personally I'd like to see this happen quite a bit next month, minus JackMac doing the LeBron James thing: 

4 points fellas. 4 goddamn points and we get to have World Cup parties again.