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This Was The Finest Day Of Kentucky's Revenge Tour And Coach Cal Showed Exactly Why He's In The Hall Of Fame

That was perfect. No other way to put it. Kentucky was without its starting backcourt. No TyTy Washington, no Sahvir Wheeler. Coming off the Tennessee game that they should have rested TyTy. So what happens today? Alabama comes out hot. I'm talking Diletta Leotta hot. 

Keon Ellis wasn't missing. Legit felt like Alabama was getting ready to run them out of the gym. So much so that even Marty decided to chime in. 

They don't call him Mush for no reason folks. Coach Cal remembered he's a Hall of Famer and made a specific move that should be permanent. Kellan Grady became the focal point of the offense. He became the playmaker. Cal moved Mintz off the ball, let Grady do what he at Davidson and everyone fell into their roles perfectly. Grady should be 2nd or 3rd in this role at full strength. It's just what he does. Kellan Grady won this game for Kentucky. 

That's why Cal goes into the portal and gets Grady. He gave the younger guys a chance today. They weren't working out. Collins had decent minutes, but he figured out that in the 2nd half he had to run the same 5. That's what he did. Toppin did Toppin things, which is the perfect role player on a good team. I think the best way to sum it up was our pal Carl texting me 'This seems like a different sport.' 

It's true. When Kentucky is rolling they are elite. This was an elite version of them despite being down the two starting guards. This team just figures shit out. It's different than a lot of other Kentucky teams we're used to. It's not relying on a bunch of one-and-done freshmen. I mean TyTy is a lottery pick and then good luck seeing someone getting drafted this year. Credit Coach Cal. 

We heard it on the committee top-16 reveal right before this game. They were taking the games with injuries with a grain of salt. He also said it was razor thin between Kentucky as a 1/2 seed. This is how you get a 1 seed. Get healthy for March. The revenge tour rolls on. Now I just gotta figure out why Rico stopped texting me at about 1:35.