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Jersey Jerry & I Sit Down With Only Fans Legend Mati Marroni To Learn The In's & Out's Of The Business

Alright listen you fuckers out there that want to bonk me for this...Although I may be a BIG FAN of the content that some folks put on Only Fans, I am just a big of a fan of the actual business behind how being a content creator for the website works and what not! So once I put Mati on my inaugural Only Fans power rankings blog a weeks ago (which you can check out below) she hit me up saying to let her know if I ever wanted to collab.

And what better show for that than Mush the Line? So check out the youtube link up there if you're interested in hearing about Mati, how she goes about her daily life as an Only Fans model, the in's & out's of the business, and more importantly horror moves and burgers! Thanks folks!