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We Should All Puke At How Much The City Of New York Makes Off Tolls A Day

We do not talk about this enough. We do not talk enough about how just how utterly ridiculous the price of tolls are. And I don't want to sound like a cheap old man yelling at cloud here, but $16 for a fucking toll?!?! That's more than the average lunch in New York City! As I drove home from the Food Boss' house yesterday & sat on that bridge I watched an innumerable cars drive along with me. For each one of those cars that's more than a lunch! It simply has to be an insurmountable amount of money. According to the googles it said $944k a day though I'm woke on that. I think it simply has to be over a million and well over it on that thanks to the truck prices as well.

I had to take to twitter to get some answers. Agreed with Matt from Rhode Island...The over on my million dollar prediction simply has to hit.

And we're only talking about the George Washington here. We got multiple tunnels as mentioned by Bernard here AND the goddamn Verrazano. It's a literal racket.

4 million sounds more like it! I think the people of New York need to see a cut of the toll money every day. 

Or maybe we use it to open a sick bar with free drinks. Whichever one works. Moral of the story- I just found this very interesting as we often just go through tolls in life without even thinking. A crazy, crazy concept.