Everyone Needs To Watch This CBS Sunday Morning Piece On The Beautiful Establishment That Is Buc-ee's

Ahhhh Buc-ee's! Truly up there in my personal (and I'm sure a lot of people's) American chain establishments hall-of-fame. It's right up there with Chick-Fil-A, In-N-Out, Zaxby's, and a few more in my eyes. The only thing that separates Buc-ee's from them, as you can see in this video, is that it's a fucking GAS STATION! And by gas station I also mean one of the coolest places this country has to offer that more people need to know about. As they state in that CBS Sunday morning piece there are only 6 Buc-ee's outside of Texas & I was lucky to go to one of them this past Summer while we were shooting Barstool V. America...before that I had never even HEARD of Buc-ee's or ever see that cute little fucker Bucky the Beaver.

As we were road tripping across the country in our RV's I cannot lie and say I wasn't sad when I was told we were stopping for dinner at some gas station along the road...little did I know what kind of emporium we were entering in south Alabama just east of Mobile. You walk into a HUMONGOUS room started off by a gift shop then as you continue down you were met basically a full blown deli with a simple touchpad ordering system, then as they mention 300x above the world famous bathrooms which were nothing short of a joy and absolutely body any other gas station bathrooms on the road, and most importantly legit world class barbecue. Like I've had barbecue everywhere from Texas to North Carolina to Tennessee to Georgia & Buc-ee's was pretty legit. 

Now I'm aware that this blog feels like an ad from Buc-ee's, but its truly not. I just needed to spread the gospel of Buc-ee's after watching that video. Not to mention does Beaver Aplin not look like the coolest fucking dude in the world? Hot seat Fonzie on that forefront.