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If You Don't Want Nickelback Performing At Your Hypothetical Hometown Super Bowl Show Then You Need Your Ears Checked

So, as I'm sure most of you know, yesterday was Super Bowl Monday after an awesome halftime performance Sunday night which easily invoked the question to tweet out yesterday...Who should perform at the halftime show should the Super Bowl be happening in your hometown? Now obviously there are 10's of thousands of answers to this because there's a lot of fucking sick musical acts out there. For my specific hometown (New York/New Jersey) Billy Joel would be the obvious answer although looking back on it I'm pretty SHOCKED that didn't already happened when we had the Super Bowl back in 2013. I mean seriously how the hell was Joel & Springsteen not the easiest halftime show of all-time for a New York & New Jersey Super Bowl?

Whatever. So Joel's out. After that there's only one answer that the people deserve. And it may or may not be the band infamously led by the GOAT Chad Kroeger.

I mean when you're thinking Super Bowl you simply need it to be an act that people can rock the hell out to. You NEED the performance of a lifetime? You know who gives their all every time they perform? Nickelback. That's fucking who. Now you maybe reading this blog thinking wow what a dumbass this guy is, though you and I both know deep down you'd very lowly mumble the lyrics to Rockstar at said Super Bowl. You'd LOVE IT. And don't even get me started on what happens when they play Burn It To The Ground. Literal music to our ears.