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The Blackhawks Have Reportedly Been Offered A 1st Round Pick And A High End Prospect For Brandon Hagel

This exchange happened on Seravelli's podcast

Seravalli: “Is it worth it to the Blackhawks to keep Hagel? Or to get a price close to that and move him?”

Gregor: “But do you think you can get a first-rounder for Brandon Hagel?”

Seravalli: “Can they get a first? There are teams that have offered a first and a prospect.”

Gregor: “For Hagel?!”

Seravalli: “Yes.”

Gregor: “Well, if I’m Chicago, I’m taking that.”

This got sent to me probably a dozen times yesterday and my response to the rumor...I need to know more about this prospect. How good is he? How close to the NHL is he? What position does he play? What type of player is he? yl 

If Minnesota is calling and they're offering a 1st and Rossi for Hagel or Florida offering Spencer Knight, I think you pull the trigger. Short of that...hold off. 

The Blackhawks are at a crossroads where they need to decide if they're rebuilding fully or if they're tweaking and trying to get back to the playoffs next year. Hagel is one of the few guys who makes sense to have on the roster in both scenarios. Hagel's contract is quickly looking like one of the best value plays in the entire NHL. 27 points, 23 years old, 2 more years at $1.5M. Not many teams have a guy that can slide up and down your line, be productive and effective on every line, and do it for a bargain basement price tag. That is why teams are calling and offering a 1st round pick. It's because Hagel is extremely valuable. 

Like I have said all along the only way you do the full tear down rebuild, which to me means trading 19 and 88, is if 19 and 88 ask you to trade them. If that is the case then all bets are off. Kane's comments the other day make it seem like wants to be here

"I think there is a pretty good core of young players in place, when you look at DeBrincat and Jones and Dach and Hagel. There are some young guys that are coming up and being effective. I think we’re definitely more than a few pieces away from being a Stanley Cup contender, but I think this team isn’t as bad as we’ve showed this year. I think we could be a playoff team. And like we always say, you never know what can happen once you get into playoffs. … I don’t think we’re as far off as maybe some other people might think."--Patrick Kane

So if Kane is on board then I don't think you can trade Hagel. I think Kane is right. Hope for improvements from Dach, McCabe, etc, get Reichel into the NHL full-time, figure out the head coach, and try to hit the ground running next and make the Wild Card. The Blackhawks are further away from that without Hagel. A late first round pick in a thin draft and a prospect you hope to turn into someone as valuable as Brandon Hagel ain't it. 

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