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Please, We're Begging You, Don't Show Bengals Fans How WIDE Open Ja'Marr Chase Was On Their Final 4th And 1 Play

I know pictures never tell the whole story and it's easy to sort of take whatever you want to prove a point. But this is pretty clear. Jalen Ramsey fell down. I know I didn't play football, but I do know that's not a spot you want to be as a defensive back. Preferably they want to stay on their feet and not be eating grass. That's especially true when you're trying to cover one of the best receivers in the league. 

This is the Super Bowl though. Feel like we see these 'what-ifs' every single year it's a close game. Yeah if Burrow had more time he would have made that throw. But guess what? The Bengals OL sucks and the Rams have Aaron Donald and Von Miller and crew. Almost like that's an advantage for the Rams. 

Now I get it Bengals fans. You're angry. Your team lost the Super Bowl with a chance to seal it. I don't know, maybe have your best running back get the ball instead of a backup? 

Seems like *maybe* you want Joe Mixon to touch it in those situations if you're going to hand it off. Just seems like that would be smart, because, you know, Mixon is good. And spare me the refs. There are a lot of videos going around, so here they are: 

Bad luck/calls? Sure. But guess what? Tee Higgins got away with this: