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Nobody In UFC History Has Ever Missed Weight By 12lbs....Before Today

Sheesh! You miss weight by like three pounds in the UFC and everyone's looking at you like, "What the fuck man? How could you be so unprofessional?!". Imagine missing by TWELVE POUNDS?! 

Like, at that point, you didn't even try to cut weight at all, right? Either that or you had some kinda BRUTAL health complications hit you? Most fighters will try to get within that 12lb range during camp so that's their ENTIRE cut, but ol' William Knight said fuck it, I'll just show up heavy and give my opponent half my money for it. Fuckin wild.

I believe the previous record holder for missed weight is Rafael Alves, who came in 11.5lbs over the Featherweight limit last February, and his fight was cancelled altogether. This one is still happening tomorrow at UFC 271, but as I mentioned, Knight's gotta forfeit almost HALF of his entire purse now. Brutal. He'll probably just break even on this fight (if he's lucky).

Can't wait for this card tho....