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The Blackhawks Streak Is Getting Downright Ridiculous


I don’t even know what to say at this point. It’s gotten ridiculous. I was convinced the Blackhawks would lose on Friday when they went down early to the Sharks, or Sunday night when we gave up a billion penalties and looked flat all game, or last night when they were playing on a back to back against a team they struggled with last year (Remember that 8 goal disaster during the losing streak?). Yet here we are. 19 games into it and the Blackhawks have gotten a point in Every. Single. Game. Unreal. And like I said on Saturday, obviously this means nothing without a Stanley Cup, but its still absolutely amazing to watch. The level they play at every night is fantastic. And even when they’re down it feels like they’ll still win.


Other Quick Notes

-I had a lot of people ask me last night if they thought it was bad the Hawks were peaking too early. I don’t really see it. I mean what are they supposed to do? Not try to win? Obviously this season is nothing if we don’t see results in May and June but I’m not going to start picking apart a winning streak like this, not even for a second.


-3 for 3 on shoot the puck last night. Only problem was the “hot chick” wore a sweatshirt. Terrible decision. Ruined the whole thing. Just no reason to fuck with what works. Little kid, cleavage, celebrity. Every time.


-I know I’ve talked about the grown men standing behind Boyle and Konroyd but last night was something else. This guy. This fucking guy, stood behind Boyle’s shoulder and flipped through every person he has every met in his entire life. Unreal.

I don’t know who Bob Gushes is but I fucking hate him. HATE him. Same goes for Meeesh and Sean Peaches and Rylan Duke. Fuck them all. This was embarrassing.


We have to fix this. We can’t have 50 year old’s dominating the intermission with this type of bullshit. Its making us look bad. So I’m throwing it out there. First person to get a Viva La Stool sign up there gets a free Barstool Chicago hat. Lets get a streak going.

*Baby Hands killing it!


Worst part about that guy during intermission was the fact that he was licking his fingers to grab the piece of paper every time.  Ultimate psycho move.