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What's Your Super Bowl Food Play?

Dropping this here real quick because Jim Graziano of JP Graziano's Grocery in the West Loop of Chicago is one of the best dudes from one of the best family's on earth and was recently a feature in Block Club Chicago this week. Read that article here and get learned up on a small business staple in Chicago:

Fantastic piece that really highlights how an old school family like the Graziano's have evolved over 80 (!!!) years. They've managed to somehow keep their old school, "true to themselves" feel while adding a little bit of "hip" as well. Barstool Chicago is partnered with a lot of cool brands, but nobody has as personal a connection to us as Jim's family does. Truly great people that turn everyone who walks into their store into a friend.

The food is awesome too. The article noted that the Barstool Chicago x JP Graziano beef kit is "near" the top of their best selling items. When I saw that it was "near" the top, ya know what happened?

Giphy Images.

The Super Bowl is right around the corner. I'll get back to this in a moment, but first, let me go on a tangent for a moment.

Barstool Chicago does a pretty good job of giving a taste of our city's culture to a national audience IMO. Jim does the same thing, but not with snake drafts, but with food instead. Here are some nationwide collaborations Jim has done with difference mom & pop shops across the country:

My mouth is fucking watering. 

Long story short, dude rocks. His family rocks. His food rocks. And he's at the forefront of bringing Chicago delicacies to the rest of the country. If you're reading this, you need to buy a Beef Kit. You're supporting small business if you do, and you will be THE hit -not a hit - at your Super Bowl party this weekend. 

Head on over to www.tasterealchicago.com and get yourself a beef kit today. It's the easiest thing on earth to cook. Just need 5 or so pounds of chuck roast, a box of beef broth, a crock pot/dutch oven and the beef kit. Get it below! Let's make the beef kit THE best selling item in his store. Doesn't matter where you're location. Ships to all of North America and the UK too.