A 100% Truthful And Honest Blog About Tony Bennett Going To Duke And Kicking Coach K's Ass

Sorry for the delay I had to hop on Jake Marsh's Twitter spaces to once again have Marty tell me I was right. There's something special about hearing those words from a Duke fan. Everything I've said about Duke is factually correct. They are a disaster on defense. They can't stay consistent on offense game to game. They were never underrated. 

Duke had to run a 2-3 zone tonight. A 2-3 zone against Virginia! Why does that matter? Because Virginia's AWFUL on offense. Duke couldn't stop them from getting open looks. That's how bad Duke's defense is. And then the last play. Great defense there! Gotta hand it to Duke. Not every team can get completely lost (and get away with a foul on the shot) while up 2 at home. 

Hey, maybe K should stop being weird. Stop demanding talks with Tony Bennett after double technicals. Stop assaulting assistant coaches. 

All I know is Duke keeps exposing these flaws.It's just my job to announce them to the world.